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Frequently Asked Questions

The Coppersmith FAQ's

Are gas operated lanterns safe?

In short, yes. The CopperSmith fixtures have been tested and certified by CSA International as safe and CSA compliant. Still, the normal use of outdoor gas lanterns does result in high operating temperatures and certain cautions and safety measures do apply. Read and understand all safety and installation instructions prior to operating any gas appliance.

What sort of maintenance is required for gas lanterns?

The CopperSmith light fixtures are designed to provide a lifetime of maintenance free service. The occasional cleaning of the glass panels may be necessary. Clean the burner periodically.

Do gas lanterns blow out?

The design and construction of The CopperSmith fixtures minimizes the potential for the flame to blow out. However, under certain circumstances, the possibility for a blowout may exist.


1. Ensure the light fixture is plumbed to a dedicated gas supply with properly regulated gas pressure.
2. Check for proper closure of the door panel and that all glass panels are intact and properly seated within the cage assembly of the light fixture.
3. When lit, the shutoff valve at the base of the burner assembly should be fully open to provide adequate gas supply.
4. If blowouts persist, our service department is always available to troubleshoot and resolve any problems.

How much overhead clearance do gas lanterns require?

National standards require a minimum of 12” from the top of the light fixture to the ceiling. Always check local building codes for applicable clearance requirements.

Will a copper lantern turn green?

When copper oxidizes it produces copper oxide which is green in color. This process is commonly referred to as patina. Under most conditions, copper fixtures will simply darken with age like an old penny.

Do copper lanterns rust?

Copper is one of the most resilient materials found in nature and is capable of withstanding the harshest of environments. All The CopperSmith light fixtures are constructed with 20 oz solid copper and fitted with solid brass components to provide a lifetime of maintenance free service.

How do you mount or hang a gas lantern?

The CopperSmith light fixtures are typically mounted to a standard 4″ x 4″ electrical box and are supplied with mounting hardware. Larger fixtures and custom built mounts may require alternate mounting options and additional hardware.

Does The CopperSmith make electric lights?

The CopperSmith light fixtures are available in gas and a variety of electric options. We even offer our patented LED flame simulation bulb option.


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