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LED GOLD FLAME SIMULATION Like a Real Burning Fire...
Three Ways

Our LED flame simulation bulbs bring a mysterious and beautiful look to your home or space. The effect of the flame is extremely vivid, like a real burning fire, unlike any other bulb. Our LED bulbs have a longer life than traditional incandescent light bulbs and require less energy.

Classic Frost

Etched Bronze

Platinum Lace

Our Classic Frost, Etched Bronze, or Platinum Lace candelabra base style bulbs will soften and create the lighting effect you desire.



The patented LED flame uses cutting edge technology to simulate a flickering flame. It provides a realistic glow that creates ambiance and warmth.


Enjoy the beautiful look of a flame without the hazards of real fire.


LED flames create a visual warmth that is cozy and inviting. The life-like color and flickering motion provides a dazzling light, which only a natural flame can compete.


The LED flame creates a cozy atmosphere and can be used indoors and outdoors. The water-resistant design offers versatility, and the 100 LED's flash in a sequence simulating a real flickering flame.


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